Environmental Best Practices

Orion Mechanical Services is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and is committed to working with our clients to develop best practice environmentally-sustainable and energy-efficient solutions which comply fully with Section J of the Building Code of Australia (Energy Efficiency).

Our energy-efficient solutions focus on using both existing and new technologies including:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring and VSD Carpark Fan Controls
  • AS1668.2-2002 Alternative Solutions for Reduced Carpark Ventilation Rates
  • High-efficiency BCA-compliant motors and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) controls
  • Natural Ventilation and Mixed Mode Ventilation systems
  • MEPS Compliant Air Conditioning Plant and Equipment
  • Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV/VRF) Air Conditioning Systems
  • Central system controls combined with individual local user controls
  • Local Variable Air Volume (VAV) thermostat controls
  • Displacement (underfloor) supply air conditioning systems
  • Thermal Chimneys and Thermal Massing
  • Co-Generation and Absorption Refrigeration
  • Sub-metering of substantial mechanical loads


Orion Mechanical Services focusses on meeting Australian building industry best practice standards for Occupational Health and Safety. All our workers have received NSW WorkCover accredited training, carry appropriate personal protective equipment and have been inducted via the Orion Mechanical Services Safety Management Plan. In addition to monthly toolbox talk meetings, we run one-off, in-house training sessions on a wide range of safety topics - including safe working at heights, testing and tagging of electrical equipment and elevated platform safety.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our inception in 1999, Orion Mechanical Services has focused on incorporating key corporate social responsibility principles around safety, the environment and the community into the company's regular, daily business practices. In adopting this approach, we recognise we create and foster smarter, more efficient ways to do business: providing a more sustainable business.operation and leading to better outcomes for all our clients.

Our management team is also actively involved with a number of community and charitable organisations, including the Jewish Communal Appeal, the Breast Cancer Foundation and ACCESS Disability.