Inmark Tower

10 May 2013

710-722 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Luxury Twin Tower,
High-Rise, Mixed-Use Development - 217 City Residential Apartments/ Commercial/Retail


Inmark DWS

Project Manager 

M Projects


Parkview Constructions


Beta Solutions

Mechanical Consultant 


Equipment Suppliers 

Temperzone, Leasam, Fans Direct, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ABB, Raypak, Evapco, Smoothflow, AHTT, Elicent, Expella

Contract Type 

HVAC Design and Construct - Orion Mechanical Services

  • Design and Construct Contract
  • Central Condenser Water System - Open Circuit Cooling Towers
  • Gas-Fired Boiler, Buffer Tank - Closed Circuit Heat Exchanger
  • BMS Controlled Variable Flow CW System
  • Reverse Cycle Water Cooled Temperzone PAC Units
  • Individual Temperature Control - Leasam Controls (Zoned)
  • Horizontal Discharge Toilet Exhaust Systems - PVC with Individual Fans
  • Motorized 2-Way Valves with T&A Balancing Device at each Temperzone WCPAC unit
  • Stair-Pressurisation and Lobby Relief Systems
  • FFCP Interface to all Essential Systems
  • Car Park Ventilation - VSD and CO Controls
  • Low-Noise - High Acoustic Specification
  • Provisional CW and Kitchen Exhaust for Future Retail
  • High Quality and Well-Coordinated Installation
  • Efficient Commissioning and Client Handover